Guaranteed Quality

Quality in our genes
70 years doing the right thing

How to manage risk, regulatory compliance and customer specifications
For us at Culterra Quality is all that that keeps customers stay with us. To reach this goal we are convinced that we need to manage three areas specifically:

product specific risk
regulatory compliance
Compliance to customer specifications

So yes we have our processes, systems, certificates, checks and balances in place. And these support us and every individual making the right choice during the design , production and supply phase. In the end it is these choices that make quality work.

ISO 22000

Food Safety and risk management


KIWA audits Culterra yearly on its ISO 22000 food safety management system for the application: The production of composed organic fertilizers.


Professional processes


Quality is about clearly defined and monitored processes. Our business has defined goals for improving the quality for all our stakeholders

EU 834/2007

Certified as biological input


Culterra is audited by Control Union on the compliance of its selected biological fertilizer for compliance with EU regulation 823/2007 and its annex EU 889/2008