70 years' experience in organic fertilizers


In 1947 The farmers' Cooperative grass drying factory was founded in the Dutch City of Workum, producing high-quality feed.

Grasdrogerij Workum Year

Production of the first Organic Fertilizer

The first dried cow-manure was produced in the our factory to provide nutrients to the Dutch bulb growing areas.

Fertilizing bulbs Year

Pelletizing technology introduced

The dried organic materials as grass and dried cow manure had some impracticalities, hence Culterra started as the first producer to extrude these into dust free pellets.

Granulation technology Year

Culterra has new Owners

In 2005 Culterra continued its growth path under new ownership, acquired by a Dutch family business which among other has been active in this market for over 100 years.

Welcome at Culterra Year

Unique new granulation technology introduced

Culterra developed a unique technology for the production of dust-free organic prills or micro-granulates, which are today widely used throughout Europe on golf-course, sport-fields and lawns..

Culterra prilling technology Year

Factory upgrade and New Warehousing

In 2010 the whole Dutch production site was renewed and even further automated. On site a new warehouse with a capacity of 5000 euro pallets, with shuttle technology was realized.

Welcome at Culterra Year

Culterra Germany is a fact

Culterra Acquires the production site of Maltaflor Düngemittel GmbH in Germany. With this Acquisition Culterra double its productions capacity and is able to provide its Customers superb value organic-fertilizer throughout Europe with an optimized supply chain and at higher service levels.

Welcome at Culterra Year