Organic Fertilizers

Culterra produces over 120 organic fertilizers. Below you find a few examples.

Bio Certified

Culterra BIO 7-3-4+3MgO


Whether it is Control Union, FIBL Luomo or any of the other EU and OMRI related certification bodies, we not only produces compliant fertilizers but also assist our customers with necessary regulatory documentation

Straight Organic

Culterra SP 7-7-7


The Culterra SP product line includes many organic fertilizers such as a 9-2-2 , 4-3-10 and 3-20-3

Plant based Organic

Plant based 4-3-5


For agronomical or regulatory reason you might prefer plant based fertilizers with high protein content

Organic Soil Improver

High organic matter


Soil improvers based on a wide variety of raw materials with high organic matter. Also additives such as algae and clay minerals are an option